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Kerdanet Manor through the centuries

From Ducal Brittany to the French Revolution of 1789

From the golden age to the end of privileges

« In 1536  the Kerdanet Manor belonged to Jean de Penhoët. His daughter Marie, heiress of the lands of Kerdanet and Mescosquer,  brought them to the Gourcuff family through her marriage. » Revue Bretonne 1844, p.275 [A few centuries later, their descendent]

« Jean Anne de Gourcuff fled away, then took part in the Vendée wars. He was killed in 1793. All his belongings were confiscated and sold. » Synthèse historique, Serge Duigou

An unexpected development

« Auguste Gourcuff, son of Jean Anne, was the founder in Paris of the Compagnie des Assurances Générales de France, the first French General Insurance Company. The greatest Breton scholars and intellectuals of the time travelling to Paris would gather at his home on Sundays, including Le Gonidec, Emile Souvestre, Brizeux the poet, or Hersart de La Villemarqué, author of the Barzaz Breizh. ». Synth. Hist.,  S. Duigou

A Jewel of Breton Heritage

One of the oldest stately Manors.

« It is a large old house with high ceilings and huge fireplaces. The thriving gardens are beautiful. »   JF Brousmiche, Chroniques, 1840, Brest.

« The Manor is a two-storey house with a granite façade with a loophole carved sideways to face and protect the Gothic main entrance. Inside on the west wall you can see a real beautiful fireplace decorated with a double frieze of granite carved ivy, an arch and diamond carved columns. » Louis Le Guennec, 1926, manuscrit.

The work of Restoration

« The owners left nothing to chance, from the color of the walls to the painted ceilings. » Comité Départemental du Tourisme, Dossier de Presse été 2001

« The Manor of Kerdanet is reborn : after two years of renovation, you can now find a rejuvenated Kerdanet, full of interesting pieces from the period. » L’Express du 12-07-2001

« The old fish pond which was recently cleared by the owners is 65m long and 6 or 7 meters wide. » Association Poulann Gwechall Hag Hirio Poullan-Tréboul - D’une paroisse à deux communes, 2003, p.274

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